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Who We Are

Lehmus is synonimous with reliability, quality and availability.

We are a team with over 30 years experience specializing in the maintenance, overhaul, repair and winding of electrical equipment such as motors, generators, geared motors, water pumps and transformers, either alternating current (low or medium voltage) or direct current.  

Throughout our history we have constantly invested in new equipment, implementing the latest technologies and methodologies applied to the exercise of our activity. In addition, the continuous training of our employees has always been a priority, either through internal training or through external training in international associations to which we belong. Nowadays we have technical conditions and knowledge that allow us to provide a unique and high quality service.

Our commitment is to be always available to help, providing a high quality service, with full loyalty to the given word for each of the details and strictly carrying out the conditions and the agreed deadlines. That's how we have solidified a lasting and trusting relationship with our customers.