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Either if the dielectric insulation of equipment has reached their end of life or as a result of a malfunction, occasionally electrical equipment need to be rewound.
At Lehmus we have a long experience and accumulated know-how in the art of winding and repair any AC equipment either medium or low voltage or DC equipment.

Para além da escolha dos melhores materiais, possuímos condições únicas em Portugal para disponibilizar um resultado energicamente eficiente e com maior durabilidade.

With the use of our pyrolysis burnout oven, it is possible to ensure that the unwinding process is carried out without energy efficiencies losses. Additionally, using the best materials and procedures, it is even possible to improve the energy efficiency in older motors.

We also have a VPI system (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System) with an EPOXY resin. The process eliminates the dead air spaces that can cause partial dischargers or heat, provides a low thermal resistance path that lowers the average operating temperature, protects the windings against environmental conditions and bonds all components of the insulation system together for good mechanical strength. The result is a much stronger and lasting winding. This process is essential in the case of vital high voltage, direct current or traction motors equipment’s.