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ATEX motors repair

ATEX motors repair

The electric motors can be an ignition source which is a risk of explosion when they are installed in areas where there are gases or dust. That is why, the use of motors with the correct classification for the area and its maintenance are essential to ensure safety and prevent the accident.

The IEC 60079 series explosive atmosphere standards have set the criteria for classification, design, maintenance or repair of ATEX motors.

Regarding the repair of electric motors, the standard defines a number of procedures, inspections and tests to ensure that the motor keeps the characteristics according to the original ATEX certificate, thus being safe to operate in the environment to which it is assigned.
Following the repair or overhaul, an identifying plaque is placed in the motor in accordance with ATEX certification. Additionally it is delivered a report with the results of all tests and inspections performed, ensuring that the motor meets the ATEX requirements according to 60079 standards.

The correct intervention of motors according to IEC 60079 standards is the only way to ensure the safety of equipment, facilities and people of your company.