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Electrical testing

Electrical testing

The company has the most modern equipment’s to carry out the tests needed to evaluate the insulation condition of the motors.

We have a testing laboratory that is prepared for the running tests of AC motors (low or high voltage) or DC motors. Regarding to the AC motors, the tests can also be performed with a frequency inverter. Additionally, full load tests are possible.

We are also equipped with mobile devices that allow us to do some of the electrical testing at our customer’s facilities.

Thus, we provide the following tests:
          - Ohmic winding resistance with Kelvin bridge method;
          - Insulation resistance (up to 10 Kv);
          - Polarization Index (up to 10 Kv);
          - Hipot test (up to 24 Kv);
          - Step Voltage test (up to 24 Kv);
          - Surge test (up to 24 Kv);
          - Bar-to-bar test on DC motors;
          - Setting the neutral point of a DC motor; 
          - EDA III;
          - Tan Delta;
          - Partial discharges for HV motors;